Reviews / Testimonials



"The Honeyfest Raspberry Jam is the best I've ever had in my entire life!" - David

" The jams are incredible. We bought the fig, strawberry rhubarb, and  blackberry lavender. All three are incredible - the blackberry lavender  was out of this world. These are the best jams I've ever had. And the  owners are very friendly and give back to the community also. We love  Fifth of a Farm!" - Jessica

" Fifth of a Farm makes the best jam I've ever had! I honestly didn't even  think I really liked jam until I started trying theirs. There is a  flavor for everyone, and they just get more and more creative with their  creations!" - Kim Berly

" It's very delicious. I've been working my way through all their amazing treats and I haven't found one that comes up short yet." - Eliot

"My jam is delicious and the people that waited on me were knowledgeable and friendly." - Marilyn